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Knytt Underground

Mi Sprocket is a sprite who develops special powers as she embarks upon a quest to ring the six bells of fate; which if not rung every six hundred years will begin a chain reaction that will obliterate the world! There’s one small detail though; the odds are it’s just a superstitious nonsense and the world isn’t really ending...

Knytt Underground is a 2D platform game featuring a quirky story and a huge world to explore.

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Download version 1.2.1 (Windows)
Download version 1.2.1 (OS X)
Download 1.2.1 (Linux 64-bit)
Download 1.2.1 (Linux 32-bit)

The demo includes the first of the game's three chapters. Note that the Chapter 3 world map is more than ten times bigger than Chapter 1.


Knytt Underground's soundtrack is free. Download it here!


You can purchase Knytt Underground on Steam, Fastspring or Gamer's Gate (which is not GamerGate (fuck GamerGate)). Please try the demo before you purchase the full version to ensure it runs on your computer.

If you have received a download password, log in here to download the game.

Knytt Underground is DRM-free.