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The Great Work

Fulcanelli has just produced a philosopher's stone. He gives it to his apprentice (that is you) and now he expects you to return with some gold. Problem is, he didn't provide a manual.



This game was developed for Bautafilm's documentary Alkemistens År, which is the story about Christer Böke who has taken one year off from his well-paid job as an IT-salesman to become a full-time Alchemist.

Download Game

Download version 1.0.1 (Windows)
Download version 1.0.1 (OS X)
Download version 1.0.1 (Linux 64-bit)
Download version 1.0.1 (Linux 32-bit)
Download 1.0.0 source (for Multimedia Fusion 2)


Version 1.0.1

This version fixes a crash if the quality setting isn't set to High.