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Big Nifflas Releases

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  • This list is an announce-only list.

This list will notify you about big Nifflas' Games releases, like Knytt or Saira. You may also be notified about game releases by other companies, but only if I have been part of the development team.

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  1. Big Nifflas Releases Announcing Uurnog
    Sent February 21st 2017

    Hi! I'm announcing a new game called Uurnog. It's a silly game about stealing all the animals. The game will be released on March 3 as part of Humble Monthly. Information about the game can be found at http://uurnog.com If you'd like to cover the game,...

  2. Big Nifflas Releases The Great Work is released!
    Sent January 28th 2013

    Hi! You can now download The Great Work at http://nifflas.ni2.se/ which is a free and open source game about alchemy! I hope you'll like it! Nicklas Nygren ...

  3. Big Nifflas Releases Knytt Underground is released!
    Sent December 22nd 2012

    Hi! Knytt Underground is finally released on Windows and OS X. You can get the demo or purchase the game at http://nifflas.ni2.se Enjoy! Nicklas Nygren ...

  4. Big Nifflas Releases Knytt Underground on Steam Greenlight
    Sent December 14th 2012

    Hi! Though this mail list is mainly intended to announce big Nifflas releases, I figure it'd be fair to use it to announce that Knytt Underground is now on Steam Greenlight on http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113281105 Please vote f...

  5. NightSky HD testing begins
    Sent November 29th 2011

    Nicalis is beginning the testing of NightSky HD. You can take part of the testing by singing up on this board: http://nifflas.lpchip.nl/index.php?board=67.0 You do not need to own NightSky to take part of this, but obviously you get a copy of the game by...


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