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Small Nifflas Releases

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  • This list is an announce-only list.

This list will notify you about small Nifflas' Games releases, like Find Love or Tikkit. You will also be notified about releases that aren't actually games, like soundtracks and software. You may also be notified about releases by other companies, but only if I have been part of the development team.

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  1. Small Nifflas Releases: 7 Nanocycles
    Sent March 19th 2014

    Hey! I made a game! It's kind of a crossover between Ynglet and 7 Light-years. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Z82NX6RAk Download: http://nifflas.ni2.se This game is something I created to try to get some more attention to my friend Alina's ...

  2. Small game release: 7 Light-years
    Sent January 4th 2014

    Hi! It's time for another small game release! Me and my cousin Marcus Nygren made a small game about traveling a distance of 7 light-years. Grab it on http://nifflas.ni2.se Enjoy! Nicklas Nygren ...

  3. Small Nifflas Releases: Battle Cube released!
    Sent July 15th 2013

    I made a game! It's called Battle Cube, and is a small free game not about battling cubes, but about a cube that is battling you. I designed it to learn how to use Unity. Get it on http://nifflas.ni2.se Enjoy! Nicklas ...

  4. Small Nifflas Releases Two games I created with Alina Constantin
    Sent July 12th 2013

    Hey! I created two games with Alina Constantin. She's awesome at illustrating and animating, and is a super nice person. You can get the games on http://nifflas.ni2.se/ Enjoy, Nicklas Nygren ...

  5. Small Nifflas Releases Swap Box Turbo
    Sent December 9th 2012

    Hi there! I''ve released a small local multiplayer music platformer called Swap Box Turbo at http://nifflas.ni2.se/ - in order to beat it you need to be two players who have a sense of rhythm and can cooperate well :) It's quite a challenge. Oh, and one...

  6. Small Nifflas Releases - Two new minigame releases!
    Sent September 12th 2012

    Hey! I have released two small games at nifflas.ni2.se - one called Casette Tape which is an experimental music thing by Sara Sandberg, Sidsel Hermansen, Nils Koster, and me. A new game is also avaliable in the Nano Pack, created by Jacob Pariseau, Mathi...

  7. New releases: The Big Sea and Six Shots of Whiskey
    Sent November 5th 2011

    Hi! Two new games are avaliable on my website! One is called The Big Sea and is inspired by Marble Madness. The other is called Six Shots of Whiskey, and is an experimental game with embroideried graphics by Sara Sandberg. You can download them at http:...

  8. Small Nifflas Releases New minigame and soundtrack releases!
    Sent July 1st 2011

    Hello! I've released the minigames games blebLublu and Spela Spelet at nifflas.ni2.se and also the Saira soundtrack. In addition I'm also running a "get Saira for free if you get it within 24 hours" campaign. After that, Saira will be 75% off a...

  9. Small Nifflas Releases Brutally Unfair Knytt
    Sent March 21st 2011

    Hi dear subscriber of the Small Nifflas Releases mail list! I have released a Knytt mod, named Brutally Unfair Knytt to help market B.U.T.T.O.N. which is created by my friends at the Copenhagen Game Collective. This new Knytt mod features a re-skinned wo...


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